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Shapingba District Library

The Shapingba district library, located at No. 222 (beside Yang Gongqiao Interchange) in Shapingba District, was built in 1986. It was built in 1986, and the new yuan new museum was put into use in 2001. It is an open and multi-functional modern comprehensive public library serving the ordinary citizens free of charge. The library has 15 free service windows, such as electronic reading room, newspaper reading room, book lending room, children's lending room, etc. Since 1994, it has been appraised as "First Class Library" by the Ministry of Culture. It is "National Civilization Library" and "National Readers'Favorite Library". At present, there are 900 thousand books of paper books. In addition, the Shapingba District document database is set up. Electronic newspapers and periodicals reading system, e-book self-help system, children's Library self-help loan system, children's Electronic Journal (Multimedia) point reading platform, mobile (mobile) library, WeChat library, VP data are also installed. Library (periodical library, examination base, basic library), lecture video library and so on. A variety of free reader activities and extended services are also held every year for a large number of lectures, exhibitions, training, and story telling sessions.
Contact number: 65469148, opening time: 09:00-21:00

Shapingba District Library Saint Dutch Hotel Branch

It's 1 / F, St. Charles Hotel, 36 West Wing Road, Shapingba. In the environment of a five-star standard boutique hotel, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a favorite book and let your heart take a vacation. In the San Jose Hotel Branch, there is not only "the taste and art of awakening life", but also the exquisite enjoyment of the culture of poetry, etiquette, tea and wine.
24 hours free of charge

Library of Shapingba District Library

It is located in the British street of the Three Gorges Square in the historical and Cultural District of Shapingba. It is adjacent to the high railway station, the subway station, the famous university and the key primary and secondary schools. Besides the library borrowing and reading functions, the book bar also provides coffee, dessert and tea. The branch regularly organizes cultural and educational art salons, reading meetings, and expert lectures. It is a cultural complex that integrates the functions of libraries, small theaters, salons and expert classrooms.
24 hours free of charge

Shapingba District Library S1938 no corner Hotel Branch

As a featured branch library, there is no corner Hotel Branch dedicated to the creation of "urban reading space". The fashionable reading, the exquisite human activities, let each reader not only feel the borrowing experience of the library, but also the spiritual sublimation brought by "pleasant reading", which provides a new mode of cultural service to meet the diversity and individualized reading cultural needs of the masses in Shapingba district.
24 hours free of charge

Dongchuan Bookstore branch of Shapingba District Library

It is a comprehensive cultural place integrating book lending, creative style, fashion and leisure books and so on. The Dongchuan Bookstore branch is a service concept of "looking for good books for readers, looking for readers for good books", persisting in reading promotion activities for a long time, actively participating in the construction of local "bookstore campus", often undertaking "famous school into campus" activities, providing great support for "mass reading" activities of schools in the area.
24 hours free of charge