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China Character School

Inscriptions on oracle bone inscriptions are engraved and written on the tortoise shells and on the bones of the beast. It is the only kind of vivid meaning of human beings created by the Chinese ancestors for more than 3300 years. It is the ancestor of modern Chinese characters, the source of Chinese civilization, the root of Chinese culture, the light of the oriental culture, and the treasure of human culture.

In order to inherit and carry forward the Chinese culture, promote the national cultural revival, enhance the confidence of the national culture and promote the study of the oracle bone inscriptions, the Shapingba library and the Chongqing Oracle script society set up the "oracle bone inscription school" in 2016, and gathered a group of Oracle learners, enthusiasts and cultural volunteers. Academic lectures, salons, exhibitions and other activities to carry out Oracle learning.


To enhance professionalism and hold professional learning improvement classes, the Sha District Library also strives for the strong support of the Institute of Chinese language and literature of Southwestern University, and has invited three teachers, Professor Yu Sheng Sheng, vice professor Dunfee and vice professor Li Fa, to teach the academic rigor of the "oracle bone inscription school", and regularly invite experts from the Institute Students teach.

In order to let the children have the opportunity to understand oracle bone inscriptions, understand oracle bone inscriptions, trace the Chinese characters to the root of the Chinese characters, and to develop a more profound interest in Chinese characters, the "oracle bone inscription school" introduces children's classroom. During the winter and summer holidays, 7-12 year-old pupils were recruited, and free training was conducted in the sandy area library. Volunteers from Chongqing Oracle Society taught classes.

Popularization of traditional culture, "oracle bone inscription school" into the campus: 2017, "oracle bone inscription school" into the campus activities in an all-round way, successively entered the West Yong a small, soil master primary school, Forest Experimental Primary School, tree man Fengtian primary school, Shapingba primary school and other schools, at present, the primary school has been used as a designated demonstration base, every Monday. The new learning content, the lively atmosphere of the classroom, the warm welcome of the children, under the guidance of the teacher, the children roam in the word world, experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.