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Sunday Lecture

Since 1986, the "Sunday lecture" held by the Shapingba district library is one of the earliest public welfare lectures held in the country. It has won praise from the masses because of its rich content, diverse forms and close to the masses. It is known as "the university without wall".

One, the theme diversification of the lecture

"Lecture on Sunday" is a comprehensive knowledge lecture which combines ideological, intellectual, interesting and universal. It covers all fields of politics, economy, military, history, current affairs, law, environment, literature, art, education and life. Among them, "China", "food safety", "food safety" from "Sanlu" incident, "financial turmoil affecting the world", "American subprime crisis", "multilateral investment agreements and global governance" from G20, "career planning of college students", "action against corruption and success of the people", and so on a series of tight times The special lectures on pulse and close to the masses are loved by many listeners.

Two, the form of lectures is diversified

At the same time, the theme of the lecture, at the same time, for different categories and different topics of lecture innovation, such as "the lecture type erhu concert", "hot topic debate", "economic development is the necessary condition for the improvement of the moral level", etc., the introduction of this kind of lecture gives a new sense to the ears, its novel and flexible The characteristics are widely recognized by the audience, and the rich and colorful form of lectures greatly improves the communication effect.

Three. Inviting excellent speakers

Teachers are the key factor to ensure the quality of the lectures. We have always been committed to inviting outstanding speakers to "Sunday lectures". He has invited Chinese contemporary well-known scholars, literary historians and former director of the Lu Xun Museum of Beijing, Mr. Chen Shuyu, one of the "hundred lecturers", Professor Ceng Guoping of the Chongqing University, a national scholar, Professor Qian Xun of the Tsinghua University, Mr. Ye Yu, chairman of the Chongqing Association of sound associations, and Mr. Huang Jiren, chairman of the Chongqing Association. A large number of well-known experts and scholars, as the keynote speaker, have always ensured the high quality of the lectures.

Four. The lecture goes out of the library

Since 2006, "Sunday lecture" began to enter the city of Chongqing University, free of charge for college students to send a wealth of spiritual food; from 2012, "Sunday lecture" went into the community, launched "Hongyan Square Cultural Forum"; 2013, new video lectures. With the successful hosting of various public welfare lectures based on "Sunday lecture", the service level and service depth of "Sunday lecture" have been expanded with the "lecture forum of the University City", "Shapingba lecture forum" and "community lectures", "lectures in the countryside", "lecture lectures" and "barracks", and the service depth and service depth of "Sunday lecture" have been expanded. The sharing and promotion of the seat resources.