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Service Introduce

Library is located in No. 222, Yubei Road, Shapingba District, Chongqing , elegant environment, advanced facilities, is a modern multi-functional libraries, can meet the general public reading, learning, leisure and other aspects of spiritual and cultural needs. I currently pavilion opened the following services:

First, books checked out

Our library has a lot of books and literature resources, all borrowing area implements the whole well-catalogued service, free reading and checked out for readers.

1. The Chinese library area is located in the library on the third floor, in possession of 500000 copies of Chinese books published in the recent ten years.

2. Chinese journals circulation area is located in the library on the third floor, with nearly a year the publication of the journal of more than 600 kinds of nearly 20000, for readers to read and checked out.

3. Foreign borrowing area (including stilwell reading room) : located in the fourth floor of the library, in possession of foreign language books, journals and newspapers, a total of more than 70000 copies, since 2000, the foreign literature (including 2000), by application card reader card B or C card can borrow a book or journal books.

4. The children's reading room in the library, on the second floor, with nearly five years of children's books more than 780 million copies, with children's application card checked out.

Second, the open access

In addition to the above loan area outside the open access service for the readers, our library also has the following open-shelf reading area:

1. English newspaper reading area: located in the library on the first floor, providing journal this year more than 4000 kinds of newspapers and more than 400 kinds of, for readers to read. Journals arranged according to the classification of Chinese library classification, divided into social science reading area, comprehensive reading area, photocopied data from the reading area, National People's Congress press reading ZhuanJia reading area, government communique.

2. The United Nations documents depository area: located in the fourth floor of the library, providing the UN's books more than 20000 copies of the open access service.

3. All Taiwanese literature reading room: located in the fourth floor of the library, to provide Chinese books published in Taiwan, China open access services.

4. Books reading room: located in the library on the third floor, Yang shangkun's books open access services.

Third, closed shelves

I pavilion of retention of, the literature of the republic of China, local literature and ancient books to read service closed shelves, the reader can through the computer retrieval related bibliography, fill out the call slip after extracted by the staff into the Treasury.

1. Expired newspapers in Chinese library: located in the library on the first floor, has published more than 3000 kinds of journals, since 2009 since 2003, more than 2003 kinds of newspapers volume of more than 100000 copies.

2. The local literature reading room: chongqing is located in the fourth floor of the library, reflecting the chongqing region political, economic, cultural and other aspects of the public more than 8000 kinds of publications and internal data.

3. JiCang literature reading room: in the fifth floor in our library, possession since the founding of the Chinese books published more than 50, ten thousand, 1949-1997 more than 5000 years of Chinese newspapers and magazines, as well as "the reengineering project of good edition version of ancient books", etc.

4. Literature reading room of the republic of China (print) : in the fifth floor in our library, with over 70000 books of the republic of China from 1911 to 1949, more than 6000 kinds of newspapers, as well as small amounts of liberation reprint of the literature of the republic of China.

5. Ancient books reading room: in the fifth floor in our library, with average more than ten thousand kinds of ancient books, more than 30000 kinds of ancient rare books.

6. Reference books reading room: located in the fourth floor of the library, to provide all kinds of reference books, standards and patents etc. The literature of closed shelves reading service.

7. Foreign overdue library: the library, on the fourth floor in possession of the foreign language books before 2000 a total of about 60000 copies.

8. The United Nations documents depository area: located in the fourth floor of the library, providing the UN publications 34000 copies, more than 20.

Fourth, the digital resource

Chongqing library digital resources can be divided into "outsourcing", "build" two parts, the resources of more than 100 TB. "Outsourcing" of digital resources is given priority to with commercial database, including books, electronic journals, multimedia database, project information, such as database, through the "" provide free access to the readers. "Build" digital resources mainly include digital collection, collection resources digitalization, heavy figure lectures, and cultural resources sharing project local characteristics. Among them, the business system to copy the library collection through digital library cataloguing, the reader can query the library via the Internet paper library and borrowed stock situation, through the library homepage OPAC bar access; Library collection resources digitization is based on digital library of the republic of literature, mainly through literature retrieval platform of the republic of China, China's Anti-Japanese War home front 3 d digital library access; Heavy figure lecture will I lecture at the weekend and important activities for digital video, the heavy figure of lectures on the homepage through our website to provide free access.

Fifth, the remote web service

I pavilion opened the remote network service at present, the reader never leave home, you can query, deal with relevant information and business.

Bibliographic query: 1. The collection can be remote query library book, book of the republic of China, children's books, journal of foreign languages, such as bibliography of literature and information collection.

2. The online booking and renew, readers can remote login my pavilion site for book renew, booking business.

3. Remote access to digital resources: my house on April 23, 2008, in remote access to digital resources service opened free, readers can readers credit for free online reading CARDS, online reading card account, password, can use the Internet access in the outside our library digital resources.

4. Joint novelty: I pavilion with chongqing university library to provide joint novelty search service, according to the readers of novelty search points and testing requirements, customized special query strategy, to provide professional, rigorous literature retrieval service.

Sixth, reference service

Our library research and consulting center, relying on our rich collection resources, with the aid of outsourcing resource database and interlibrary cooperation, provide the readers with various levels of literature consulting services.

1. Project consulting services: according to the needs of readers, around the theme, gather and organize special literature resource, provide related bibliography indexes, abstract literature, such as compilation of data services.

2. Project consulting services: relying on my library local literature and literature of the republic of China (the Anti-Japanese War literature), the UN document features such as resources, to provide relevant experts and scholars in the field of research consulting services.

3. Check the generation test services: according to user needs, provide literature, generation inspection, photocopying, scanning, printing, photo, binding, MAIL, E-mail, such as the document delivery service.

4. Sdi tracking services: according to user needs, around its business work, keeping track of related information, collect and organize related information such as the development trend, provide regular notification service.

Seventh, heavy figure lectures

Our library lecture regularly held in every weekend, mainly around the social hot topics and civic life needs, content involves the social hot spots, history and culture, literature and art, popular science education, physical and mental health, fashion, etc. In the employ of the speaker, mainly relying on the local chongqing cultural elite, and gradually formed a relatively influential platform, and with the aid of this platform to attract more experts and scholars come to open talk, make the readers in understanding the new knowledge, new theory at the same time can have the honor to enjoy famous.

Eighth, training

My house training center by the rich culture and education resources, aimed at different levels and different levels, different age of social demand for knowledge, to open all the year round a variety of forms of training, the main training content includes: the books intelligence post training, title computer, title English exam training, all kinds of national vocational qualification certification training, primary and middle school students' extracurricular counselling, humour training classes, etc.

Ninth, and other services

To meet the needs of readers diversification, my house also has carried out the following services:

1. The visually impaired the reading room in the library on the second floor, there are books more than 700 kinds of visual impairment and a lot of tape.

2. The electronic reading room, located in the library, on the fourth floor of the room is equipped with more than 50 multimedia computer, use broadband Internet access, provide readers with high speed and fast online information query, information exchange and video on demand service.

3. The literature reading room of the republic of China (copy) : located in the fourth floor of the library, providing 1911 to 1949 full-text electronic books of the republic of China, for readers to download reference.

4. Miniature reading room: in the fifth floor in our library, provide some ancient rare books, before and after the founding of the newspapers, books and periodicals of the republic of China of microfilm reader queries.

5. Book circulation point: my house using its literature information resource advantage, in some parts of the outside (such as a prison, barracks), etc., set up the reader service (that is, the book circulation point), further extension of the library's service to the society.

Taken the feedback:

I pavilion in individual service window is equipped with guest book "readers", each floor has a "suggestion box", my pavilion site also set up a "message board", welcome the masses of readers and the service of our work, left a valuable Suggestions and comments.

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