banan library

Service Introduce

We provide loan services, such as the book, journal readers by various application card lending.

1.the loan of royalty and loan period

A multi-purpose card every time A card reader can borrow books in Chinese 4 copies; Hold one cartoon B card readers borrow books and periodicals 6 copies, which may borrow foreign publication 1 copies; Hold one cartoon C card readers borrow books and periodicals ten copies, which may borrow foreign language books, book 1. The children's application card readers can borrow children's books and three books at a time.

The book's borrowing period for 30 days, the journal of borrowing period for 14 days. In the case of not expired, books can renew once, journals do not renew.

Such as books and periodicals overdue returned, each book overdue fees charged $0.2 every day, the cost of each book is no more than 50 yuan each time.

2.renew books

Prior to the expiry of the loan books, such as the book has not been booking, the readers can renew at a time. Renew for 30 days, that is, from the date of renewal, the extension of the loan period of 30 days. Books can't renew the reasons are: the reader card expired, readers have debt outstanding, reader, beyond the book did not return the book, is it make appointments, etc.

The reader can renew to renew, phone or online renew. Renew calls for: 023-65210248, 023-65210457; Renew online website is: an appointment checked out

Book an appointment refers to when you need to check the books borrowed by others, and when you want to borrow this book very much, the reservation checked out the book of the formalities. At present, the library only in the "Chinese library forum" on the third floor of the library and in the fourth floor of the "foreign language books JieYueShi" periodicals can book checked out. Three application card readers to deal with, all have a booking automatically.

Readers can booking at the library borrowing or login to our website. Only when the book has been lent to make an appointment. If a book is more than to make an appointment, the appointment time for order. If the reservation book not within the scope of the appointment is back, then the reservation void automatically. Reservation book back, readers often see on the website, please make an appointment book return, reservation must be within 7 days to borrow formalities. 7 days after booking void automatically.

4.other considerations

Readers, please take good care of books and periodicals, the borrowing formalities, please check whether the books off the page, sketches, remarks, dirty, and so on and so forth, such as find statement immediately and staff, please affix one's seal. Such as return found an staff seal stained, of the fouling behavior will be regarded as the current readers, and according to the Shapingba library borrowing irregularities processing methods concerned regulation processing.