banan library

Library Rules

1.the room for the open shelf Reading magazines. With my Shapingba library card, please enter the lending room, please do not bring bags, books and other entries

2.the need to consult the literature, should be held a letter of introduction and my work permit (or identity card), subject to the consent of the curator, you can refer to.

3.the reader should take care of the books and magazines before self inspection equipment, borrow without defect, if there are defects immediately inform the administrator. Otherwise, find the smearing cut, torn, digging for compensation according to the book "Museum" is lost or damaged books compensation measures "; if the damage of indoor furniture and equipment and stealing books, once discovered, must carry on the corresponding economic compensation, and report to the relevant departments for processing.

4.readers should respect the staff, promote civilized language, polite, civilized readers. Keep the room quiet and clean. No smoking or snacks. No spitting or littering. No loud noises or phone calls.

5.staff should maintain good room clean and orderly lending environment, during the work indoors, not loudly talking and answering mobile phones, not eating snacks and engage in work related issues.

6.the staff must be familiar with the collection, civilized services, timely completion of the whole, active, enthusiastic and patient reception of readers and answer readers advice.

7.due to the staff's sense of responsibility is not strong, resulting in theft of books and periodicals, the staff will be held directly responsible, and the implementation of economic compensation