Chongqing Shapingba library Overview

The Shapingba library is an open, multi-functional, modern and comprehensive public library serving the general public free of charge. It is the national "first class library" and "the reader's favorite library".

The Shapingba district library was built in 1986. In the 12 years from 1986 to 1998, the reader service of the Shapingba library is first class, and the business extends well. It has won the honorary title of "the national advanced collectives, the national cultural work advanced collectives", "national first class library", "national civilization library", "Chongqing civilization unit" and so on.

At the end of 1998, in order to support the key project of Chongqing, Chongqing long high grade highway construction, Shapingba district library was demolished and rebuilt. During the demolition and construction, in order to meet the needs of the readers, the rental housing in Shapingba District Library persisted in opening the library, and used the branch offices of the street town, the collection of books for the collectives, and the "Sunday lecture" of the colleges and universities to serve the readers, and was highly appraised by the community.

Facing the dawn of the new century, the new library of Shapingba district library opened and opened to the readers on January 20 in 2001. With a new posture and first-class service, it has become another beautiful scenery line of "the famous science and education culture area" in the sand area.

The building area of the library in Shapingba District is 7000 square meters, with elegant decoration, first-class facilities, standardized management and distinctive service for readers. There are more than 30 employees and more than 500 reading seats, more than 35 books of printed books (including 200 books of Braille books), 30 thousand books of children's books, 150 thousand books of electronic books, 35 thousand pieces of audio-visual literature, and nearly 1000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals, and the establishment of a digital management system for local documents. The full text is digitized, and the electronic newspapers and periodicals reading system, e-book self-help loaning machine, mobile (mobile) library, VP database (periodical library, examination library, basic library), lecture video library and so on, the digital resources reach 19TB, broadband access to 20M, full coverage of the wireless letter Library, and the capacity of special storage equipment Up to 50TB.

In March 10, 2011, the Shapingba District Library took the lead in realizing free open service in the district and county libraries of Chongqing. The free open area was more than 4000 square meters, with newspapers and periodicals reading rooms, old reading rooms, books and periodicals, children's borrowing rooms, children's electronic reading rooms, electronic reading rooms, visual barrier reading rooms and multimedia reading rooms. The German information area, the self-study room, the Government Gazette reading room, the multi-function room, the report hall, the training room and the comprehensive activity room have 15 free open spaces, providing newspapers and periodicals, books and periodicals, old reading, children's reading, children's borrowing, information consulting, self-study reading, German information borrowing, electronic reading and online data access. 17 free service items, such as media reading, visual barrier data borrowing, collective lending services, mobile services (sending books to the door, sending books to the grass-roots), basic business guidance, report meetings, lectures, reader activities and training, certification, verification, storage and drinking water.

May 26, 2012, and the other nine libraries in the main city to achieve synchronous debit and return, has been put into Chongqing book "card" service, a total of 160,000 books.

Over the years, the Shapingba library has adhered to the tenet of "the reader first and the service first", insisting on the opening of the week for 81 hours and all the year round. At the same time, relying on the rich cultural resources to expand the free service range of the library, a large number of free reader activities such as lectures, exhibitions, training and reading promotion are held every year. And extended services. In the year, more than 250 thousand readers have been received, more than 300 thousand books and periodicals are borrowed, and more than 100 readers have been used to form a special brand of "Sunday lecture", "German information area", "Miu Miao family happy reading club" and so on.